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First Evan Account

Create/Manage Your First Evan Account

Thank you for being a part of the First Evan family! As part of our Church Management Software (CMS), you are now able to have an account where you are able to do several things. Already have an account? Click here to view and manage your account.

An individual with an account can:

  • Access their own record and that of their family members

  • Update certain bits of information on their record, such as their address, phone numbers, etc.

  • Print their own contribution statements

  • Manage recurring giving or make a one-time gift online

  • Use their account login when registering online, instead of entering their name, date of birth, etc. to find their record

Get the app for your devices here: Mac | Android (Note: Username = email address; Server = firstevan.tpsdb.com)

To create an account click HERE or type https://firstevan.tpsdb.com in your web browser. You will then be directed to the following screen. Please follow these four simple steps: 
(Click HERE for a printable version of the directions.)

1. At the bottom of the page click “Request a password” which is next to “Need an Account?”

2. Once you select request a password you will be taken to another screen that will require you to enter your email address. Please note that for security purposes the church must have your email address on file in order for you to create an account. Once you enter your email and click “Request Password,” please check your email inbox for directions on how to login in order to access your account. (If your email address is not on file please call the church office at 901-682-8452)

You will then get a message that an email has been sent to your inbox.

 3. Go to your inbox to retrieve the link that will allow you to set up your password.
Select New Password. The link will expire in 24 hours. If the person registering is younger than 16 years of age, they will not receive an email allowing them to set a password.

 4. Now you can set up the password for your account. 
Two things to note: Your new username is at the top. This is what you use to login though you can use your email as well if your prefer. Your password must have at least one special character.

Note that it says “Change Password." This may be the first time in setting up a password but it is the same process for resetting your password in case your forget your password. Once you have successfully set your password you will see the confirmation message below on the screen and you can click to proceed to your personal page on the CMS.
From time to time as you are on different pages you will have the option to go through a tour. A box will pop up. This box will continue to pop up until you actually click on the word here or click the End tour button once you have viewed the tour once.   

Personal Tab

Once you are on your home page you will see tabs at the top. On the Personal tab you are able to edit your information.

You can edit your address which is located under your name; there are also fields for emails, cell phones, opting in for SMS, and more. You can also add individual and family pictures which we strongly encourage you to do. This is especially helpful for new staff to put a face with a name.  

Involvement Tab

The next tab is the Involvement tab. This shows all the things that you are involved in. You can also see previous involvement, attendance as well as upcoming events that you may be registered for.  If you were to select the organization you were involved in you would get a directory of that group. This option can be turned on or off by each group’s leader. You are not able to edit this page.


Profile Tab

The next tab is the Profile tab which shows membership, baptism and member related information. This page is updated by the staff and certain events that take place in your life, or the life of your family.

Giving Tab

You by now have noticed the Giving tab. This is where only you and the finance office can see your giving history. No one else can see your giving information. On this tab you can choose if you want to receive your giving statements electronically and whether you want a joint statement or an individual statement. A sub tab from here allows you to give online if you so desire.