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Adoption Assistance Program

Adoption Assistance Program

First Evan has partnered with the ABBA Fund to provide our members and regular attenders with assistance in overcoming the potential financial barrier of high adoption costs. Adoption is very much a part of the culture of First Evan as we have many adoptive families in our congregation. We encourage families to consider adoption of a child needing a “forever family” whether they have biological children or not. There are so many children in need of a loving Christian home and we want to do what we can to help alleviate any financial barriers. To avoid potential misunderstanding and unnecessary tensions that sensitive issues like delving into a person’s financial information and decisions based on that information can create, we have chosen to affiliate with the ABBA Fund. ABBA is a charitable organization dedicated to helping churches help their members who desire to adopt be able to do so. They do all the digging around in someone’s finances, background, and other personal matters and then make a recommendation to the church relative to a funding amount. It is then the church’s responsibility to assess the recommendation and if approved, provide those funds to ABBA for distribution. The application for funding through ABBA is available online by following the instructions below.

First Evan has an Adoption Funding Assistance Coordinator, Diane Brower. She is available to assist you and answer any questions you might have at 901-752-3885. You can also email her at dianebrower@bellsouth.net

ABBA Fund Instructions:

1. Log onto the ABBA Fund website at www.abbafund.org

2. Disregard the “Apply For a Loan” button at the top of the page. We have chosen to give grants rather than loans.

3. Click on the “How We Help” button just below the ABBA FUND logo.

4. Click on the “Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund” link toward the middle of the page.

5. Click on one of the download buttons for either the Word or PDF versions of the application.

6. Complete and mail your application to the address provided in the application.  

 Or Click here.

Want to give to the Adoption Assistance Fund? Click one of the links below:

Recurring Giving One-Time Gift