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Women's Resources

Crickett Keeth's Website
Crickett Keeth's Website

Find resources from our Women's Director to encourage others to passionately pursue Christ.


On Bended Knee
On Bended Knee: Praying Like Prophets, Warriors, and Kings
by Crickett Keeth
If you’re dissatisfied in your prayer life, wanting to be more consistent in prayer, or looking to deepen your intimacy with God, then this Bible study was written for you. It examines the prayers of eight biblical characters and teaches you how to pray like the prayer warriors who went before you. Follow in the footsteps of these spiritual giants and discover anew what our loving God does with a little faith and a whole lot of prayer.

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Building Your Spiritual Toolbox
Building Your Spiritual Toolbox by Crickett Keeth
Do you want to disciple someone but don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you’ve never been discipled and desire to have a solid foundation in your faith. These three books will help you build your spiritual toolbox and equip you to build into the lives of others through discipleship. Some of the topics are assurance of salvation, assurance of forgiveness, how to study the Bible, how to share your faith, how to spend time alone with God, and how to write a personal testimony. Use these in your own personal time alone with the Lord, or for one-on-one discipleship or a small group.

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A Journey of Faith

A Journey of Faith: A Study of the Life of Moses by Crickett Keeth
This book gives us a great example of how God works through imperfect, ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory. You will find hope in your own journey of faith as you see how God worked in and through Moses, even in his failures.

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The Gift of Rest

The Gift of Rest by Crickett Keeth
Are you worn out and in need of rest?

It seems we’re all running on empty, in danger of burning out. Surely, that’s not God’s plan for our lives. Is it possible to find rest in these times when life seems to get busier day by day and the demands of life increase by the minute? Is rest feasible when we’re overwhelmed with difficult circumstances out of our control that exhaust us emotionally, mentally, and physically?

The Gift of Rest addresses these questions and looks at God’s perspective of rest from Genesis through Revelation. As you study the Scriptures, you will find permission to slow down and freedom to embrace the gift of rest.

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By Faith Alone
By Faith Alone: A Study on the Characters of Hebrews 11
 by Crickett Keeth
It’s hard to walk by faith, but God gave us examples of godly men and women who did walk by faith. We find these examples listed in Hebrews 11. This study looks at the characters in Hebrews 11 from the Book of Genesis. They had challenges, but each one overcame those challenges by faith alone in God.

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