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We hope you find this page helpful during our transition to our new Senior Pastor. You will find key developments and material including communications to the congregation, videos and other media, a timeline, and frequently asked questions.

Meet our Transition Council

A group of about 40 men and women, called the Transition Council, have stepped forward to help gather information from the people of First Evan. This Transition Council includes the duly elected members of the Pastoral Search Committee and members of the Elder appointed Transition Committee. These three groups are working together to assess where we are as a church, where God wants us to go, and what kind of man God wants to lead us there. Within a few months, once this work of information gathering is complete, the Pastoral Search committee will begin meeting separately, as will the Transition Council and Committee. The lists of who is serving in each group are provided below.

Transition Committee Members

Ken Eriksen, Chairman
Mickey Bowdon, non-sitting Elder
Chris Cannon, Session Elder
Bryan Miller, Session Elder
Kevin Weaver, Session Elder

Pastoral Search Committee Members

Eric Fuhrman, Chairman
Chris Cannon, Session Elder
Kevin Weaver, Session elder
RALPH HUGHES, chairman of the deacons
JIm GRAHAM, vice-chairman of the deacons
KATElynn Bernardini, member
Debbie Frazier, member

Question of the Week

Q:  Are we actively searching for our Next Senior Pastor?
A: The process of searching for and identifying the man of God’s choosing to serve as our next Senior Pastor involves quite a few steps. Currently, the seven members of the Pastoral Search Team have enlisted the help of a host of others called the Transition Council – this combined group is made up of about 40 people from First Evan. They are actively engaged in interviewing members of the First Evan family.
Here are sample questions they are asking of all those who agree to be interviewed – these questions are directly related to our pastoral search:
1.       What kind of minister do we need for the future?
2.       Ideally, what age, education, and previous experience should our next pastor bring to this position?
3.       What are the top three things we should be looking for in Pastor Next?”
4.       What is the one key thing you want the search committee to know as they get ready to look for our next pastor?   
5.       What would disqualify someone from being considered as a candidate for our next pastor?
Currently, the Transition Council has completed interviews of over 300 individuals and is aiming to complete interviews of all 1,200 who identify with First Evan by around Jan. 1, 2022.
In January, the Pastoral Search Committee will take all of this information from the congregation and, with God’s help and the Session’s concurrence, develop a clear profile of what we should be looking for.
The work of the Pastoral Search Committee will be profoundly helped if we, the search team and membership of First Evan, are all on the same page in terms of what we are looking for. Please pray for God to guide and lead the Search Committee members to a place of oneness in this step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions


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