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First Evan Regathered

We offer two Worship Services: 9:00–10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Livestreaming continues for those who cannot be here. The spaces in which we gather will be cleaned and disinfected between services. The Session is requiring masks to attend worship on campus. Thanks to all who have taken the time to register for Sunday morning services. We encourage everyone to continue registering as the information the registration provides is helpful to us. However, with our current attendance numbers, registration is no longer required and we would not want anyone to feel they could not come because they forgot to register or had a last minute change of plans allowing them to attend.  If you cannot register online you can call our church office, Monday through Thursday, with your choice: 901-682-8452.

Sanctuary:  275 max capacity/service
Fellowship Hall: Overflow room (85 max/service)
Chapel: Reserved for those in the highest risk categories (35 max/service)

Once the max number of registrants is met, we have no other option for in-person presence on campus, so if you know you’re coming please tell us as soon as you can. As always, if you or your children feel sick, have cold symptoms or fever, have traveled abroad in the last fourteen days, or have knowingly been exposed to coronavirus, please livestream the service from home.

FEC Kids (including Nursery), Impact, and Common Ground will not meet on Sunday mornings before schools are back in session.

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Fact Sheet and FAQ

What precautions are you taking to ensure the good health of worshipers?

• Special filters have been installed in the Sanctuary air conditioning system, filters that trap the particles the coronavirus travels on
• Sanctuary, common areas, and restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected by a certified, licensed provider prior to resuming services
• Restrooms, high touch surfaces, cleaned before, during and after each service
• Sanctuary pews, entryways, and foyers disinfected between services
• Greeters will be assigned to entrance and exit doors, holding them open so you won’t need to touch handles
• Entrance and exit doors held/propped open for hands-free operation
• Foot-pulls installed on restroom doors for hands-free operation
• All hymnals, Bibles, pens, and paper items have been removed from pews and foyers, and no paper bulletin will be handed out
• Every other pew closed off, open pews marked for social distancing
• Ushering into and out of the Sanctuary to maximize socially distanced seating and maintain social distancing

Why are we having two Sunday morning services, the first at 9:00 a.m. and the second at 11:00 a.m.?

The response to the Reopen Task Force survey indicated 500+ people planned to attend worship services at First Evan once we could regather. In order to provide for this number and maintain social distancing, we’re offering two services for now. Each service will be an hour in length, allowing ample time for cleaning, disinfecting, and reordering the building between service times.

What rooms can we worship in and what are the occupancies?

With social distancing measures, the Sanctuary can hold 275 people per service. The service will be simulcast to the Fellowship Hall, holding 85, and the Chapel, reserved for those in the highest risk categories, holding 35.

Other churches aren’t requiring masks. Why is First Evan?

In response to our survey, the highest number of respondents indicating a desire to return to church when we regather are in the 61–70 age group. By age group alone, ages 65+ are considered to be at the highest risk for contracting COVID-19. We’ve consulted medical professionals from within our church, not just government entities, who have advised us to wear masks. Given how this infectious disease works, we believe not requiring masks is a needless risk. Wearing masks during a pandemic not only is a way to love one another, but it also applies for now within the biblically set requirement to do things “decently and in order” in worship (1 Cor. 14:40).

Does my child need to wear a mask?

Children in worship attendance Kindergarten and older must wear a mask. Our FEC Kids ministry has ordered some with their logo on it to hand out.

Will the pastor and worship leaders be masked? Will there be a choir?

There will not be a choir as we are used to seeing, but there will be singers on the platform assisting congregational singing, all of whom will be masked. Pastor Cole will wear his mask until he preaches.

Can we sit wherever we like once we enter the Sanctuary?

Pews will be occupied according to set numeric configurations in order for us to accommodate the maximum number of people in attendance and practice social distancing simultaneously. Your cooperation is appreciated as you might not be able to sit where you’re normally accustomed. Until a section is full, you’ll be able to choose the section of the sanctuary you’d like to sit in.
You will need to enter the Sanctuary through the door closest to the section of your choice. Enter through the doors under the eastside portico to sit in the front, organ side. Enter the westside front door to sit in the front, piano side. To sit in the rear sections or balcony, enter the front doors facing Ridge Lake Boulevard. Since we’re practicing social distancing, trained ushers will guide you to your seat, knowing how the pews (and chairs in the Fellowship Hall and Chapel) need to be filled to maximize occupancy. We ask you to try and arrive 30 minutes before service to accommodate seating guidance. The ushers will be masked for your protection.
To maintain social distancing and in order to disinfect the room after the service, we’ll ask you to exit by rows through the back of the sanctuary immediate after the service ends.

Are there building restrictions to be aware of? How about restrooms?

The E-wing (gym-building), A-wing (old ECS building), and C-wing (FEC Kids) will not for now be open on Sundays. The entrances to those buildings will only be open in the event of inclement weather. Keeping those spaces otherwise closed helps us minimize what needs to be cleaned and disinfected after Sunday use. The main restrooms next to the kitchen and across from the pastors’ offices will be open as well as the restrooms in the D-wing under the Sanctuary. To help maintain proper social distancing (6 ft.) please limit restroom occupancy to two men in the men’s rooms, and four women in the women’s rooms.

What about Communion and Baptism?

Our first regathered Communion will be June 28. We want to get our feet under us June 21, but on June 28, and subsequent Communion Sundays during the pandemic, worshipers will be handed special sealed Communion elements as they enter the room. Baptisms will happen one per family on selected Sundays so we can change out the water.

How do we know if the church is to keep meeting week to week? What if lockdown measures are again imposed?

We have adopted a color-coded approach to the fluidity of infection and hospitalization rates. Observing the Shelby County Health Department and the Memphis city government’s requirements for large-scale gatherings (https://www.shelbycountytn.gov/3643/COVID-19), each week we will send an email by midweek communicating whether the Sunday coming is a Green, Yellow, or Red Sunday.

Green Sunday = Memphis is in Phase 2 or 3:
Worshipers can gather on our campus with social-distancing determined capacities in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Chapel.

Yellow Sunday = Memphis returns to Phase 1:
Worshipers cannot come to campus but can gather, if they choose, in acceptably safe numbers at homes or businesses and participate together in the service by livestream.

Red Sunday = Memphis returns to Phase 0 (lockdown measures):
Worshipers cannot come to campus and should not gather with others to participate in the livestream service but remain in individual homes.

FEC Kids will not take children in the C-wing before a probable return to school in August, nor will Student Ministries (Impact and Common Ground) meet in the Soltau Center before then. Once they resume meeting, FEC Kids and Student Ministries necessitate a Green Sunday.

What about adult Sunday School?

Adult classes will not resume on Sunday mornings for now. We have a limited number of rooms in which adult classes could meet and follow social distancing protocols. A room that typically holds 50 people could only hold 20 when socially distancing. In the near future we anticipate that adult classes can schedule available rooms at alternate times for their class to meet on campus if desired.

Coffee service, donuts, and other food services will not be offered so long as we need to observe social distancing.


Sunday Entrances


Sunday Color-Coding