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Get Involved



As a congregation our priority is prayer for our missionary families. Each person attending our church is encouraged to pray for at least one missionary and to build a relationship with that person or family. Materials are available from the missions office to help you become a prayer partner. Hundreds are already doing this, but our vision is that everyone attending First Evan would make this missions commitment.

You can subscribe to our "Missions Weekly Prayer Guide" email which includes updated prayer requests from our missionaries.


Missions Finance

Another avenue of missions involvement is generous giving of the money God is blessing you with.
There are two ways in which you can invest in First Evan missions:

  1. Designate "Missions Fund" on your check or on the giving envelope. All money in this fund is used for such projects as Bible translation, supporting national pastors, training national missionaries, short-term trips, etc.

  2. Designate a particular First Evan approved missionary whose ministry you would like to support. All funds designated for particular First Evan approved missionaries are totaled each month and sent to their mission agency for their personal and ministry support.

Click here to learn how to give online now.

Go & Serve

Mission Trips: (1–4 weeks)

Every year we plan short-term mission trips here in the USA and abroad. This provides tremendous opportunities for you to GO and/or to SEND (pray & give), to learn about missions and to minister to people with the love of Christ. These trips are organized for missions exposure & training, for evangelizing the lost and for the encouragement of missionaries and nationals who have been laboring in the field for many years.

Click here for upcoming mission trips.

Short-term Missions Opportunities: (6 months–3 years)

Our missionaries and partner agencies are always looking for short term help. Please contact the Missions Office and we will pray with you and guide you in finding the right place for you. This opportunity is available to all adults, singles or couples, of all ages.

Career Missions Opportunities

We are praying for the Lord to raise up new missionaries from our FEC family to go to one of our strategic priority areas. Contact the Missions Office for more information or email April Fichthorn.

Serve on the Mission Board

Each year six new members are added to the Church Mission Board to replace the ones who rotate off after serving a three-year term. Volunteers should have a heart for missions. Please call the Missions Office for more information at (901) 682-8452.

Purpose and Functions of the Church Mission Board

The Church Mission Board (CMB) seeks to guide FEC's missions program in light of the Scriptural Foundation, the Definition of Missions and the Missions Purpose Statement. For information on how you can support and care for our missionaries, contact the missions office at (901) 682-8452 or email April Fichthorn.