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If you’d like to connect with a Memphis Ministries Partner, please email Andrew Beach. He would enjoy coordinating a visit with you to any of these ministries!


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STICs (Short-Term Intense Commitments)

Have you ever wanted to go on a mission trip but thought there were too many obstacles to make it a reality? Maybe you felt too intimidated by the amount of fundraising involved or couldn’t take that much time off of work. But you’ve always wanted to be involved in missions but didn’t know how to make it work. Have you ever gone on a mission trip, only to come back to “real life” and soon wonder why it’s not as exhilarating and transforming as your mission trip experience? We anticipate God moving in us and through us on a mission trip, but what if we planned to be “on mission” every day?

The big idea of STICs is to experience a mission trip without getting on a plane…or going anywhere! We are looking for people to make a 6-week commitment to prepare, train, go, and debrief—much like you would for a short-term mission trip—all without leaving our city.

Each STIC will look a little bit different based on the ministry involved, but here are the core components.
  • Prepare – Choose a STIC based on the list provided. You will write a support letter just like you would for a mission trip, but instead of asking for financial support, you are primarily asking for prayer support.

  • Train – Attend a training in early September where you will receive specific instruction from the ministry representative you’re serving. Meet with other First Evan folks on your STIC team about how you will be as intentional as possible.

  • Go – Attend your STIC for 6 consecutive weeks

  • Debrief – A specialized debriefing session with others who attended STICs. Consider what your future investment in our city looks like now that you’ve completed your STIC.

  • Advocate – After returning from your STIC, you have at least 3 next steps:

    • Continue to volunteer! You loved it and can’t wait to go back.

    • Change course—You recognize that there is a likely a better fit for you in another ministry and try something else

    • You are now aware of what a ministry does and will be ready and excited to connect, advocate, and promote that ministry when applicable

STICs will begin in the fall based on when the ministry begins their fall activity schedule or when it seems best to get started. We will create a customized schedule for each STIC based on what their ministry needs. CLICK BELOW FOR A LIST OF POTENTIAL STICS FOR FALL 2017:


Questions, contact Andrew Beach.