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While live-streaming and virtual meetings aren’t as satisfying as being together with others, they are still an incredible blessing from the Lord. The capability to gather remotely with audio and video in real-time is something our ancestors who lived through the 1919 Spanish Flu could barely have imagined.

But these incredible technologies don’t always work perfectly. Why might it work right some weeks, and not others? As the saying goes, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” There are 3 main links when we live-stream: 1) the church, 2) the carrier, and 3) your home.

Here’s a brief overview of where we stand at the beginning of 2021:

Church: We’re working hard to ensure that what we send out is an excellent, reliable feed. We’ve upgraded some of our audio, video, and switching technology, and installed a backup system should our internet connection fail. Some volunteers and staff are now dedicated on Sundays to running components of our online service and Sunday Schools.

 The service comes to you through firstevan.org/watch, Facebook, or YouTube. We also have some seniors who dial-in by phone. The carriers we use are generally reliable, but we have occasionally had issues as our feed has connected to them or as their computer algorithms have questioned whether our songs are copyright-compliant (they are). If Facebook or YouTube give you trouble, refresh your page or try firstevan.org/watch. If you see any ads on YouTube, know that they are typically generated based on your search and viewing history.

 While we can’t diagnose every technical problem, we’re happy to help where we can. If you have consistent difficulty with your connection, a device, or other issue that prevents you from joining the service, please reach out and we’re willing to help keep you connected. None of this is foolproof, but know that we’re using some of the best technology available and working hard to keep it reliable. God, in His grace, has sustained us through the pandemic, and we know He will help us the rest of the way through to the end. Let us know if there’s any way we can serve you.