(901) 682-8452 Times: 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Worship Services In-Person and Online

Adult Sunday School

Sundays, In-Person Available Beginning October 4, 9:30 or 11:00 a.m.

Classes may reconvene on campus beginning Sunday, October 4. Each class’s leadership will be communicating with members about when, where, and how you’ll meet if your class is returning to campus. Guests who would like to attend a class will be ushered to the class of their choice.

Adult Sunday School Functions

To better understand the function of our Adult Sunday School Classes at First Evan, please click here or download this printable document here.
Location Guide — Map of Building

As one stands in our Sanctuary looking toward the pulpit (north)

  • Chapel & Fellowship Hall are north behind the Sanctuary

  • D-Wing is under the Sanctuary

  • A-Wing is west of Chapel before entering the gym building. (Classrooms)

  • E-Wing is west past the A-Wing. E-Wing is also the building where the gym is located.


Abundant Life (A219)

Contact: Scot Gardner at scotjill@att.net or Buddy Jones at buddyjones0@gmail.com

Each week we pray for one another and Buddy Jones leads us in study and discussion of God’s Word. Several times during the year we get together for special fellowships and events, such as getting to know a missionary. Our normal pattern for Bible study is to take a book at a time, alternating between the Old and New Testaments.

Cornerstone (D103/105)

Contact: Lynn Wheeler at rlwhee@bellsouth.net

We’re made up of couples and singles who enjoy praying for one another, encouraging one another, and hearing God’s Word taught. Because we’ve seen God do remarkable things over many years, we spend the beginning half of class time sharing and praying for specific requests.

Cross-Generations (E234/Gathering Place)

Contact: Hickman Ewing at wewingii@comcast.net

We are a cross-generational class made up of couples & singles who desire to go deeper in God’s Word. Our format is to sit in table groups and discuss questions based on our senior pastor’s sermon from the week before. We begin each class encouraging and praying for one another. We seek to apply Biblical truth to our lives and pass it on to others. We also often hear missionary reports and testimonies of what God is doing in and through us in the city of Memphis and the world.

Encouragers (A121/122)

Contact Terry Tippett at terrytippett@comcast.net

We seek to impart what we possess in Christ: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing” (1 Th. 5:11). We strive to encourage one another through persistent prayer, biblical teaching by Mickey Bowdon, and rich fellowship. We have active small groups and stress mission and ministry opportunities. All ages are invited!

Epek (A106)

Contact Jordan Bernardini at jordanbernardini@gmail.com

Epek is a class of young adults striving forward to know God more and make him known in our city and the world. Our name is derived from the Greek word Epekteinomai which means "striving forward." Each week we pray together and then listen to speakers from our class teach on relevant topics or books of the Bible. While our Sunday morning worship is the core of our community, we are more than just what we do on Sunday mornings. Epek is a small, vibrant community of believers that offers frequent opportunities for fellowship outside of class, including small group Bible studies, frequent meals together, and bi-annual weekend trips.

Eternal Perspective (A103)

Contact: Stuart Taylor at smtaylordds@hotmail.com

We seek those of all ages or marital status interested in going deeper into Scripture. Our emphasis is on learning how to live with the Eternal Perspective that all believers have once they graduate into the presence of our loving Lord Jesus. Our mission is to produce “full hearts” that are available to the Lord Jesus for evangelism, missions, and discipleship. 

Focus (A222)

Contact: Tim Holler at

Focus is a class of young adults who want to “fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). We come together to share what God is doing in our lives and in the world, to learn from the study of His Word and to pray for each other. We seek to provide strength, encouragement, and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3). We also enjoy fellowship times outside of class.

Foundations (D113/115)

Contact: Chris Hogue at chogue3@att.net

Challenging families and individuals alike to drink deeply of God’s word in order to experience greater intimacy with Him. Rad Andrews (father of 8 and long-time surgeon) is our primary teacher, however we encourage all who come to participate. We strive to offer numerous opportunities for strengthening Christian faith and friendships through activities such as small group dinners, retreats, and casual gatherings.

Genesis (A124)

Contact: Chris and Cortney Cannon at chris.cannon7@gmail.com or Christopher and Damaris Marino at c9marino@hotmail.com

We are a class of young families building relationships through a combination of solid Bible teaching, group discussion, and prayer to help class members understand both what the Bible says AND how to apply it in everyday life. The structure of the class is intended to make Genesis a very accessible class for newcomers and long-time First Evaners. Whether you are new to the whole idea of church involvement or a seasoned church veteran, you will find Genesis a warm and inviting place to get involved.

Growing In Christ (D114)

Contact: Gerald Thompson at geraldrichardthompson@outlook.com

Our purpose is to be obedient to Jesus Christ’s Great Commission, with a specific focus on discipleship and evangelism. We feature discipleship-oriented Bible study with small table-group discussion and enjoy outreach fellowship gatherings. The curriculum includes the study of individual books of the Bible, alternating with topical studies. Our class comprises a wide demographic including couples, singles and all age groups.

Heritage Builders (A202)

Contact: Hal Stanley at hal@stanleyraineylaw.com

Our purpose is to build a heritage of faithful marriages, wise parenting, and wholehearted devotion to Jesus Christ. We enjoy an annual family picnic and Christmas party, and we participate together in various service projects and mission trips throughout the year.

Joint Heirs (E125/126 Multi-Purpose Room)

Contact: Jim Newman at jimcarnewman@hotmail.com
or Grady Sanborn at chaseweb386@gmail.com

We are a class of single and marrieds of all age ranges. We desire to know and be known by one another as we grow in the Lord, so we sit at assigned tables each Sunday, alternating table group members yearly. Our table groups provide fellowship, prayer support, accountability, minister to one another, and support to our missionaries. Our teachers and subjects change, but the pattern is the same: a teaching time followed by discussion at our tables to help us apply what we’ve learned. Our visitors’ table provides a welcome place to see what we’re all about.

Life Builders (D118/Son Life)

Contact: Preston Klinke at prestonklinke@gmail.com

We try to balance the teaching and application of the Word with a focused commitment to prayer, fellowship, and the development of community. We offer periodic fellowships, retreats & movie nights for the men and women of the class. We serve the wider community principally through Streets Ministry and Christ’s Community Church, and we’re very involved with a number of missionaries, many of whom regard Life Builders as home.

The Open Door (A111)

Contact: Gene Kaercher at gkaercher@barnhartcrane.com

The Open Door is a class at First Evan that seeks to become a vibrant community of faith. The Open Door is open to all and we’re excited about what God is doing in our midst. Our goal is to make much of the mission and message of Jesus, to inspire and nurture growth in Christ, and to know and experience the Gospel together. We are Ordinary people—serving an Extraordinary God.

Pilgrim's Progress (A109)

Contact: Kevin Weaver at kevinweaver@aol.com

Come join us as we walk the path of life while we are sharing our successes and failures, studying God's Word, and building strong families.

Salt & Light (E135/Spurgeon Room)

Contact: Ken Eriksen at ken.eriksen@informaecon.com

We are real, relevant, and revering. Real people with a diversity of ages, nationalities, and missions making an impact. Relevant teaching and living carried out through small groups, fellowships, and various ministries within and outside our church. We strive to revere Jesus Christ through the study of God’s Word.

Sojourners (D120)

Contact: Rick Hannah at

Couples and singles gather in small groups around tables each Sunday where time is spent in fellowship and prayer. We rotate teachers with a focus on Biblically-based studies and also emphasize accountability and service to our church—such as serving at the Wednesday night dinners, teaching children, and supporting missions. Besides Sunday mornings, we regularly get together for fellowship and enjoy socials like our Sweetheart Banquet every Valentine’s Day.

Soltau-Morrow-Stevens (Chapel)

Contact: Jo Ann Hardeman at  jo_mom@bellsouth.net  or 901-747-0143

We’re primarily senior adults who are committed to studying the Bible and praying for each other. Our goal is to finish well by being disciples of and making disciples for Jesus Christ. Our main teacher is Dick Winter, and we invite guest teachers and missionaries to speak as well throughout the year. We are currently studying the Gospel of John. We support various missionaries and enjoy times of rich fellowship. 

Table Talk (A221) meets at 9:15 a.m.

Contact: Hannah Leatherwood at hgleathe@gmail.com

A young adults class for those transitioning out of undergraduate studies and into the workforce. The class consists of teaching God’s Word, discussion among table groups, praying together, and seeking to serve others.

Under Construction (A205)

Contact: Lynn Ballinger at LHB2@aol.com

For those from nearly or newly married to those with children in elementary school. The class combines solid Bible teaching with group discussion and prayer to help class members understand both what the Bible says AND how to apply it in everyday life. Small group fellowships and mentoring relationships are a major part of the class objective. The structure of the class is intended to make Under Construction a very accessible class for newcomers and long-time First Evaners.