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Zip Code Gatherings

September Dessert Potlucks, 6:30–8:00 p.m.


During the month of September we will be hosting a Zip Code Gathering at a home near you! Zip Code Gatherings are an informal gathering of First Evan people that all live in your zip code. We are combining some zip codes in areas where there are not many First Evan people.

The goal of these gatherings is three-fold:

1) To connect with First Evan members and attenders that live near you…some who you may have never met!

2) To model what a neighborhood gathering looks like. 

3) To replicate these gatherings in our own coves and on our own streets in order to engage our neighbors next door.

We believe that neighborhood gatherings are a “low-hanging fruit” ministry opportunity for our communities. Sometimes it’s hardest to build friendships with our neighbors because:

• Many of our neighbors (and some of us too!) close the garage door behind us when we get home

• We’re not sure if they want to know us! 

• Getting to know them might be really hard work!

• We’re not sure how to share the gospel with them 

We hope that these neighborhood gatherings create a space for you to know, love, and care for your neighbors.

38016 (North Cordova)

Saturday, September 9, James and Trisha Taylor's Home 


Saturday, September 16, Linda and Gene Lambert's Home (will be rescheduled)

38018 (South Cordova)

Sunday, September 24, Barry and Lana Knight's Home

38103–38111 (Downtown to High Point)

Sunday, September 24, Caleb and Morgan Park's Home

38117 (East Memphis)

Saturday, September 23, Katelynn and Jordan Bernardini's Home

38119 (East Memphis)

Sunday, September 10, Joanna Bernardini's Home

38120/38122 (East Memphis)

Saturday, September 16, Nick and Jo Ann Clark's Home

38133–38135 (Bartlett)

Doug and Amanda McElrath's Home

38138 (West Germantown/Riverdale area)

Need a host. Contact Andrew Beach.

38138/38125 (East Germantown/Poplar Pike and Hacks Cross area)

Sunday, September 10, Greg and Kari Armstrong's Home


Sunday, September 17, Eric and Joanna Fuhrman's Home

Once you choose to register, you'll tell us your zip code, and then you'll receive a follow-up email with the details.