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Short-Term Mission Trips

Mission Memphis | July 9–13

Partners: Local Memphis Ministries
Leaders: TJ Lopez, Eli Berry, and many other volunteers
Team Members: Ben Agapos, Logan Arnwine, Jenna Bagomolny, Libby Barger, Noah Barnhart,  Bartholomeo Bartholomeo, Timothy Bartholomeo, Bradleigh Biggs, Emma Grace Blythe, Allan Bowden, Bailey Bowden, Ari Campbell, Jesse Carr, John Cascarella, Jayson Chong, Christopher Cochran, Scout Davis, Madison Dismuke, Olivia Evans, Audrey Fuhrman, Sam Fuhrman, Jonah Ginn, James Greener, Jia Greener, Hannah Grace Hall, Luke Harris, Claire Hopkins, Bella Horrocks, Izaiah Horrocks, Sam Horrocks, Holly Huffman, Martha Humber, Jeremy Jacobs, Hannah Kate Johnson, Madilyn Kelly, Ashland Kimler, Campbell Kizer, Anies Kunda, Kut Kut, Elie Lassiter, Rebekah Lassiter, Gigi Lewis, Malena Long, Emily Madison, Hart Madison, Benjamin Marconi, Felicity Meadows, Jacob Mohler, John David Moore, Nathan Mrok, Noah Mrok, Noah Newhouse, Lucy Pierce, Sara Grace Pierce, Zuzu Pierce, Jake Pritchard, Katie Pritchard, Mackenzie Riggs, Sara Sentell, Luke Shoemaker, Anna Silvis, Leighton Sistrunk, Mae Sistrunk, Caroline Somogyi, Molly Stelling, Lauren Stephens, Hayden Thornton, Jordan Walters, Cameron Webb, John Webster, Gabby West, Emily Whelan, Allie Williams, Katherine Williams, Christopher Wiseman, Megan Wisniewski, Isaac Wolter

Students will stay on-site at the church for the week, going to local ministries each day to help with projects (light construction, VBS, cleanup, etc.) Evenings will be focused on encouraging spiritual growth among students. This is a great service option for students who have never been on a mission trip before. There are also opportunities for church members to serve as “senders” for our students.


Queens, NY | July 22–29

Partner: Jon Storck (Grace Fellowship Church)
Leader: Jessica Tinsley
Participants: Kelley Clack, Louise Klinke, Claire & Jill Hopkins, Olivia Evans, Gerald, Ginny Elise, Lukas & Marie Thompson, Leighton Sistrunk, Jessica Tinsley, Nick Toebbe, Laura Beth Varela

We will be partnering with Jon Storck’s church, Grace Fellowship Church, to help host a week of VBS for mostly unchurched kids of international and immigrant families.


Haiti | June 17–23

Team Members: Chip & Libby Barger, Craig & Madison Dismuke, Andy & Zuzu Pierce

Crossings Summer Camp/VBS and construction projects.


Tlapaneco | July 23–30

Team Members: Seth Stevens and Hickman Ewing

Conference for Tlapaneco Pastors, Missionaries, Leaders, and Students.


Nepal | October/November (10–14 days)

Partners: Work alongside missionaries in Nepal
Alex Hugo
Cost: approx.
17+ years old, able to hike

We will engage in practical ministry by distributing literature while trekking, evangelizing, and serving among Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus and AIDS/HIV patients. 


Spain | June 9–20

Partners: Dan & Sue Wicher (Camino Global)
Leaders: Josh Hudson & Rich Lewis
Team Members: Tate Brown, Steve Evans, Josh & Hannah Hudson, Gigi, Lisa, Rich & Stephen Lewis, Shea Ward

We will join Spanish believers in offering a basketball clinic in a nearby neighborhood where outreach has been ongoing. Members will stay in the homes of Spanish believers and engage in various work projects and activities at the local church. There will be several opportunities to see and learn about Spanish culture and history.


We can help find and facilitate other trips with our partner organizations for individuals, families and groups. Exciting opportunities exist with:

Operation Mobilization
Camino Global
Campus Crusade

If you have any questions about these trips, please email the Missions Office by clicking here