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News and Reports

Tlapaneco Pastors, Missionaries, & Leaders Conference, Mexico

July 24–27, 2017

The Tlapaneco Pastors, Missionaries, & Leaders Conference was held at the Tlapaneco Christian Center in Tlapa, Guerrero, Mexico. Your prayers were felt and much appreciated.

Seth Stevens and Hickman Ewing flew to Mexico City on Sunday, July 23, and drove to Tlapa with the Gaytans on Monday, July 24. Due to the many curves in the mountain roads and countless speed bumps (topes), it took eight hours to travel the 200 miles.

Seth, Let Gaytan, Eliseo Gaytan - en route Tlapa(pictured: Seth, Let Gaytan, and Eliseo Gaytan—en route Tlapa)

Ruben Gaytan was able to fully participate in the conference in Bible discussion and singing.(pictured: Ruben Gaytan was able to fully participate in the conference in Bible discussion and singing)

Seth was the main conference speaker, teaching the entire book of Philippians, adding in hermeneutical principles as he went along. Jim Blomstrand, the Bible school music teacher, did a great job translating from English to Spanish. After Seth’s first hour and a half-teaching session, Abel Espinosa (Bible school director and veteran pastor), said, “We like him!”


Seth StevensGroup(pictured: Seth
Stevens teaching to group)

The pastors, leaders, and missionaries showed a real hunger for learning more about the Lord Jesus and the Word of God. They had their Bibles open, took lots of notes and had meaningful group discussions. 

Hickman led the morning devotionals from 1st and 2nd Peter. We had very good opportunities to encourage one another at meal times and outside the formal sessions.

Tamales(pictured: Abel, Seth, & Ruben—hot tamale snack)

We also met on Wednesday afternoons with the Board of the Tlapaneco Christian Churches (ICT). They gave very encouraging reports on the spread of the Gospel and the planting of new missions throughout the Tlapaneco area. Pray for these brothers as they continue to lead and set direction for the Tlapaneco churches.

Group Mexicopictured left to right: Board-standing: Seth, Lety, Ruben, Tanis (translation committee chairman), Hickman, Abel (Bible school director), Felix, Timoteo, Roberto; Front: Moises, Constantino (new ICT Board president



Uri, Rachel, Brianna(pictured: Uri, Rachel, & Brianna)

We were pleased we could spend some time with Uri and Rachel (Mudder) Martinez, and their precious daughter Brianna. They attended all the conference sessions, and we had some good conversations with them. Brianna is such an outgoing delight!




Enoc, Felix, Angelita, and Melchor(pictured: Enoc, Felix, Angelita, & Melchor)

On Friday, July 28, four students graduated, after successfully completing four years of Bible school. We helped present the diplomas, Hickman was one of the graduation speakers, and Seth prayed the prayer of consecration. Pray for these four as they go out to their places of ministry in churches deep in the mountains.

Thank you so much for your partnership with Ruben and Lety, Rachel and Uri, and the Tlapaneco people.

Blessings, in Christ. Please continue to pray for spiritual fruit among the Tlapanecos. John 15:16

Global Missions Conference

February 24–26, 2017

This year's conference centered on "Thy Kingdom Come" - looking at God's Kingdom in His people today, and His Kingdom yet to come. We were blessed to hear from many of our missionaries and how God is working around the world; building up His church and proclaiming the gospel. We hope that you were encouraged and motivated to get involved by praying, giving, or going on one of the short term trips offered this year.

Check out the photos below to get a glimpse of what the weekend looked like.

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/33460885965/
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/33460874595/
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/33305057882/
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/33077831790/
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International Night of Worship

December 4, 2016

All Nations Fellowship (a partnership of local, diverse congregations) hosted the first International Night of Worship in an effort to bring together believers of various ethnic backgrounds from all across the Memphis area. Over 350 attendees from 30 different nations joined together to worship, pray, and have fellowship in the unity of Christ. God truly blessed this evening by giving a glimpse of what Heaven will be like when people from all nations will be before the throne of God.

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/30626761684/
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/31468061855/
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/31430999976/
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/139649976@N08/31468060505/
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Trip Reports

Queens, NY Trip |  July 23–30, 2016

We had such an awesome week in New York! This was our 3rd summer to partner with Pastor Jon Storck of Grace Fellowship Church in Sunnyside, New York. God truly blessed our week! First Evan’s team of 16 adults and teens put on our “Cave Quest” VBS for about 60 kids that live in this internationally diverse neighborhood. Because a lot of these families have different religious backgrounds, the Bible stories and concepts were new to some them. It was a challenge for Kelley and the leaders to present these truths in a clear and understandable way.  We saw “lightbulb moments” all week with the kids as we went through the memory verses and gospel story, and the kids were excited to share these truths with their parents. The parents were so appreciative of us coming and loving their children. Please continue to pray that God will take what HE started in the lives of these kids and parents and continue drawing them to Him.


Czech Republic Trip | July 21–August 1, 2016

First Evan once again partnered with Integrity Life to conduct an evangelistic English Camp. Teaching conversational 'American English' was only part of a busy, daily schedule that included crafts, sports, hikes, skits, meals, music, dance, swims, worship, meetings, programs, games, and so much more. 

Throughout the week, we were able to share our lives and our Lord's love with approximately 50 Czech and Slovak students attending various universities. Our prayers are that the believers were strengthened and encouraged and that the non-believers felt accepted and were warmed to the message of the gospel so that they too may know the love and kindness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever! Amen!


Spain Trip | June 9–20, 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported us in prayer and by giving. What a blessing!

The church that we visited sits in the middle of the Vallecas neighborhood, consisting of lower income families, many of which are immigrants. Our goal was to attract neighborhood children to the “American” basketball camp. We were surprised by the number of attendees, especially 16–22 year-olds. Members of the church came and were able to interact and begin to build relationships with campers and their parents during the week.

Please pray that these relationships will continue to grow, the families will begin to attend church, and ultimately that neighborhood adults and children will be added to the Kingdom.