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Council Nominees


Ken Eriksen, age 48, and wife Christine, have one child, Joseph. A Christian for 36 years; at First Evan for 16 years. Presently serving: Salt & Light SS leader, non-sitting Deacon, Impact. Previously served: SS teacher fourth and fth grade boys. Spiritual gift(s): Teaching, Administration. Occupation/Employer: Sr. Vice President, Informa Economics IEG.

Eric Fuhrman, age 42, and wife Joanna, have ve children: Gabriel, Audrey, Sam, Ellie, and Molly. A Christian for 34 years; at First Evan for 2 years. Presently serving: Crossroads small group leader, choir. Spiritual gift(s): Teaching. Occupation/Employer: Commercial Real Estate Broker, Crye-Leike Commercial.

Mark Gosney*, age 60, and wife Val, have three children: Katherine, Rebekah, and Mark Stephen. A Christian for 45 years; at First Evan for 22 years. Presently serving: Session, Under Construction SS. Previously served: Heritage Builders SS, Elder, Crossroads, College ministry, Meet Memphis, Mission trips, Position Paper Committees. Spiritual gift(s): Teaching , Leadership. Occupation/Employer: Director of Operations and Programming, Advance Memphis.

Tom Maschmeyer*, age 62, and wife Brenda, have two children: Trip and Luke. A Christian for 46 years; at First Evan for 20+ years. Presently serving: Life Builders SS, Awana. Previously served: Elder, Session secretary, Deacon. Spiritual gift(s): Teaching. Occupation/Employer: Attorney, Grif n, Clift, Everton and Maschmeyer.

Lance Minor, age 68, and wife Mary, have ve children, Lance IV, Ruth, Missy, Sarah, and Betsy Bragg. A Christian for 40 years; at First Evan for 53 years. Presently serving: Shepherding Elder, co-leader of Life Builders SS, Awana. Previously served: Elder, Vice-Chairman of Session, Constitution and By-Laws Task Force. Spiritual gift(s): Exhortation. Occupation/Employer: Lawyer, Bourland, Heflin, Alvarez, Minor & Matthews.


Greg Armstrong**, age 43, and wife, Kari have 5 children: Ashley, William, Jack, AJ, and Katherine. A Christian for 37 years; at First Evan for 5 years. Presently serving: Table Talk SS leader. Previously served: Sunday School teacher 3 & 4 year olds, and Impact. Occupation/Employer: Physician/Scientist, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


David Dingeldein*, age 54, and wife Pattie, have three children: Christian, Sally, and Parker. A Christian for 45 years; at First Evan for 32 years. Presently serving: Communion Coordinator, Chairman of Deacons. Previously served: Deacon, Mission Board, Children’s Ministry; teach and coach. Spiritual gift(s): Service, Administration. Occupation/Employer: Fabrication Manager, Barnhart Crane & Rigging.

Jonathan Fratesi, age 35, and wife Jenny, have two children, Nathan and Caroline. A Christian for 30 years; at First Evan for 30 years. Presently serving: Worship Ministry, Children’s Ministry. Previously served: Worship Ministry. Spiritual gift(s): Mercy, Administration, Discernment. Occupation/Employer: Financial Planner, Financial Resource Management.

Lex Hester, age 37 and wife Kimberly, have four children, Brecon, Hallie, Ava, and Blair. A Christian for 22 years; at First Evan for 3 years. Presently serving: Guardian, Usher Coordinator, Awana. Spiritual gift(s): Service. Occupation/Employer: Nurse Anesthetist, Medical Anesthesia Group.

Jim Graham, age 72, and wife Cathy, have two children, Ginger and Bo. A Christian for 60 years; at First Evan for 52 years. Presently serving: Sunday School, Guardian, Deacon Monitor. Previously served: SS leader, Deacon/Deacon Chairman. Spiritual gift(s): Administration. Occupation/Employer: Owner, Graham’s Lighting.

Matt Mrok (serving 1 year), age 47, and wife Sharon, have three children, Lauren, Nathan, and Noah. A Christian for 40 years; at First Evan for 25 years. Presently serving: Student Ministry. Previously served: Student Ministry, A/V Contemporary Service. Spiritual gift(s): Service, Mercy. Occupation/Employer: IT Director, FedEx.

Pat Person (serving 2 years), age 54, and wife, Amy, have three children, Kendall, Austin, and Caleb. A Christian for 48 years; at First Evan for 22 years. Presently serving: Usher, Under Construction SS class. Previously served: Student Ministries, Deacon. Spiritual gift(s): Mercy, Encouragement. Occupation/Employer: Dentist/Patrick R. Person D.D.S., Family Dentistry.

Jeff Shiflette, age 58, and wife Doris, have two children, Emily and Laura. A Christian for 25 years; at First Evan for 26 years. Presently serving: Children’s Ministry. Previously served: Children’s Ministry SS teacher, Joint Heirs Table Group Leader. Spiritual gift(s): Service, Exhortation. Occupation/Employer: Chemical Engineer, Chemours Company.

Daryl Vrbas*, age 67, and wife Suzanne, have two children: Lindsey and Jordan. A Christian for 37 years; at First Evan for 26 years. Presently serving: SS Leadership Team, Deacon, Mission Board, Usher. Previously served: Preschool & Elementary SS, Meet Memphis Team Leader, Choir. Spiritual gift(s): Service, Giving. Occupation/Employer: Financial Research & Planning, Benchmark Wealth Management.

Brian Wiseman*, age 52, and wife Mindy, have three children: Michael, Nicholas, and Christopher. A Christian for 27 years; at First Evan for 20 years. Presently serving: Deacon, Open Door SS leader, Benevolence. Previously served: Finance. Spiritual gift(s): Evangelism, Hospitality. Occupation/Employer: Vice President, Sales, Duncan Williams, Inc. 


* Returning for a second consecutive term.
**A non-sitting Elder has shepherding responsibilities but does not serve on the Session.

If you have concerns about a particular person serving as an Elder or Deacon, a copy of the procedure for expressing concern is available in the church office.